Praid is situated in the middle of "Salt-County", and it is well known especially for its salt-mine. The surrounding area is very rich in tourist attractions: besides the salt mine, the salt gorge and salt-spas there are the Bear-lake and the Mogyorosi lake from Sovata; the world-famous Korond village, famous for its traditional folk-art and ceramics; the ski-slopes and guesthouses from Bucin; the trout-lakes from Varmezo; the "flooded village" of Bozod; the Unitarian church from Enlak, with its runic writing inscription; the straw-hat museum from Korispatak; etc.

The salt-water baths of Praid

    The outdoor swimming pool and indoor bathtubs are supplied by clean salt water pumped in from the salt-mine. This salt water is so highly concentrated that many bathing visitors float like corks on the surface of the water, and it seems almost impossible to swim in it. The healing effect of the salt-water baths and their rarity in the area brings more and more guests to Praid who are eager to naturally treat their health problems. There is a heliotherm effect in the outdoor swimming pool that warms up the concentrated salt solution and thermally stratifies the water. This means that the warmest layers can be found at a depth of 0.5-1.2 meters. During the day, the management mixes this with the colder layers of water in order to cool the baths to a comfortable level for visitors. The salt water of Praid also has the unique quality of accumulating heat better than 'sweet water' so that even after one or two days of rain, the salt baths do not cool.

The healing effect of the salt-water is recommended in the case of the following diseases or symptoms:

  • Degenerating diseases of the joints (exostosis (bone growth); discopathy of the hip and knee joints);
  • Rheumatic diseases of the joints and the soft areas: muscles, tendons, articular cartilage, periosteum, and connective tissue; - Secondary myo-arthropathies;
  • First state (neurogenic state) of essential arterial hypertonia; stabilizes the unstable variation of blood pressure by redressing the balance of the neuro-vegetative tone;
  • Functional peripheral, arterial and venous cardiovascular trouble (e.g. Raynaud-syndrom, Erythrocyanosis); the salt-water has a vasodilator effect in that it improves the blood supply of the tissues, prevents the emergence of chancre, soothes pain and reduces pigmentation of the skin. - After-effects of accidents or operations (injury, contusion, fracture, strain)
  • Neuro-vegetative disorder (the salt-water has a calming effect, it eases anxiety, it helps to reestablish the emotional balance);
  • Peripheral disorders of the nervous system (Epidemic Infantile Paralysis, Sclerosis Multiplex; Lupus Erythematosus, or partial peripheral paralysis, with myatrophy); the salt-water improves the blood circulation, increases the muscle-tissue, the muscular power and prevents atrophy;
  • Diseases of the skin (Psoriasis, the dry form of chronic Eczema, without open wounds); the salt-water stops the hypercheratosis, it helps the epithelisation of the normal tissue, it softens the hypercheratotic part and this way the antiphlogistic ointments can have greater effect;
  • Inflammatory problems of the lesser pelvis (after gynecological, urological inflammations, or after operations)


  • Heart, liver and kidney insufficiency (Insuficientia cordis-heparis-rhenis decompensata)
  • Cancer of the lungs, of the stomach, of the prostate gland, etc.
  • Infectious and catching diseases (hepatitis, parotiditis epidemica) - Gynecological diseases in infectious stage (only after the medical treatment of the active phase can the salt water be used in order to eliminate the after-symptoms)
  • Open wounds of the skin, with secretion of the mucous membrane (cuts, stabs, scratches, chaps); in these cases the salt-water might cause pain, but it can accelerate the epithelisation or healing process.
  • In case of increased capacity of fluid-retention (e.g. estrogen-overweight; while taking contraceptive pills there can be a venous-lymphatic circulation disorder; the salt-water might increase the water-retention in the legs, and cause their swelling);
  • Myasthenia gravis (the salt-water relaxes the muscles and calms muscle spasming)

Subterranean hospital in Praid

    From the Transylvanian salt mines Praid has the best-organized subterranean treatment-facilitations. In the large chambers, provided with electricity and air-conditioning there are playgrounds, ecumenical chapel, bars, chairs, benches, tables for billiards and table tennis. All these give variety to the compulsory four hours, which people, who are there for treatment, have to spend in the mine. There are possibilities to play handball and badminton, to rent toys for children, there is a small historical museum and a library. All these make this strange underground world a friendlier place. There are qualified trainers who lead therapeutic gymnastics classes and walks, this way it is possible to increase gradually the patients' adaptability to physical effort.
According to the results of scientific research mine / cave therapy is efficient because of the following factors:

  • the sterility of the subterranean air
  • the relatively high humidity of the air
  • the beneficial composition of the condensed humidity
  • the constant temperature of the air
  • the side-effects of the relatively low temperature
  • the slow current of the air
  • the higher carbon dioxide content of the air
  • the high negative ionization (the number of small ions is high)
  • the ozone content of the air is decreased
  • the pH-value (acidic quality) of the air is decreased
  • the partial pressure of oxygen is higher

    Tuberculosis; acute respiratory diseases; hypertension (third stage); ischemic heart disease; exophthalmic goiter; claustrophobia; pregnancy; limitation of motion and the need of wheelchair; diseases of the nervous system accompanied by loss of consciousness.

Mud bath, sludge treatment

    Mud bath and sludge treatment can be done with that kind of mud or sludge, which can be used in their original form or first dried and then pulpified with warm water, as embrocation or mixed with water, in a hot bath. Mud is an inorganic matter, pebble or broken stone settled near rivers of seas, sometimes of volcanic origin, often containing sulphur.
Mud-treatments can be done in three ways: as bath, as embrocation or as mudpack. Their have beneficial effect in the following cases: diseases of the joints or muscles; chronic inflammations of the female sexual organs.

Spas / Medicinal baths

    Spas / medicinal baths have been used for centuries; we could mention for example the Roman spas, built with incomparable perfection. Their beneficial effect has always been given by two factors:

  • The "water-effect", which is present in all spas
  • The special effect of the respective water

The later depends on its chemical structure and physical characteristics. Just remember Archimedean principle: objects put in water lose as much from their weight as the weight of the water they expel. So it is much easier to move lame limbs or stiff joints in water, than it would be in air. At the same time water compresses the blood vessels of the skin too. The most important physical characteristic of a spa is its temperature. The medical baths / spas, containing different minerals and gases, differ from normal baths in containing such substances which stimulate the skin, and they exert an effect after being absorbed through the skin too. Other beneficial volatile substances can be breathed in from the air above the spa-water.

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